Aniket Pant

Online Ordering
  • Created the entire platform for online ordering including the menu management system used by Zomato and restaurant managers.
  • Built phone number verification service.
  • Integrated multiple text messaging providers for different countries.
  • Created the callcenter for allotment of orders across various cities and countries.
Data migration for
  • Responsible for porting all of MenuMania's data to Zomato.
  • Maintaining their API's after the migration was complete.
  • URL redirections to maintain traffic coming to Zomato.
Data migration for and
  • Lunchtime and Obedovat had a feature called Daily Menus which is specific to Czech Republic and Slovakia. I was responsible for creating the same feature on Zomato.
  • Porting and maintaining existing API's making use of the daily menu features.
Other work
  • Responsible for timely code cleanups and performance optimisations to keep response time under check.
  • Optimised and reworked a number of cron jobs and scripts that stopped working after data from Urbanspoon was migrated to Zomato.
  • Service for generating PDFs which takes in HTML and used PhantomJS to render a PDF.
  • Text messaging service which includes support for delivery status updates and asynchronous mode.
  • Built a number of other features like user expertise, new notifications, etc.
  • Wrote a new push notification system which allows scheduling of notifications based on database queries configures as rules. The new notification system also has a high throughput.

Worked with the team remotely to develop a modal library and the embed buttons given by Instamojo for remote checkout.

The major concentration of my work was building websites which have a strong foundation making them easier to scale. During my term at Web Mutiny, I worked on two projects – Instamojo and Current News.

  • Instamojo

    Created a static website design using Jekyll. inuit.css was used as the CSS framework as it provides a strong foundation for designing. All page templates and basic page designs were created by me.

  • Current News

    Built a new child theme for Thesis. The theme had support for a new custom post type which was further associated with taxonomies of it's own. The features needed for creating the new site required the creation of a number of custom loops. We created a Custom Loop API of our own which made the creation of pages simpler. The theme also had a number of custom hooks created by us. Metabox support for custom post types was built using Custom Metaboxes and Fields for WordPress.

Technical Skills
HTML(5), CSS(3), Sass/Less, jQuery
PHP, Go, JavaScript (Node.js)
MySQL, Redis, Cassandra
B.E (Hons) Mechanical Engineering