I have managed to outplay myself by reading zero books. On the side I have written nothing apart from what my job demanded.

Life at Uber

A year has passed since I joined Uber as the first software engineer joining the Bangalore office. This has been an exciting time for me as I had never worked in such a large organisation earlier. The amount of in-house tooling is nothing short of impressive and every week tends to bring in something new to learn. We have been able to get our numbers up and now have a ~20 people team working as 3 teams. The projects for this year seem super interesting.

To 2017

The year has had a fun start where I worked from Nepal for a week. I am going to continue to take time off for travel every now and then.

The other exciting thing I picked up recently is the Tiny Habits program. If you have a tough time building new habits, this might be for you.