Another year came to an end and I have learnt a great deal about life from this one. Coding was a major part of it but meeting people, living in a different city and learning about a new culture is definitely fascinating.

The year started the very same way as each year starts. There was college, loads of work and a number of other things on my list which kept me busy.

By June, I had the chance to go for a small vacation to Bhutan where I got to witness a culture which is absolutely different from anything I have seen to date.

In July, I started with my six month internship at Tata Autocomp Systems Ltd., Pune where I was working on one aspect of industrial engineering. In these six months, I was also reading up a lot on compiler and language design. A friend of mine helped me pave my way through functional programming and I picked up Haskell and Elixir.

Along with all of this, I read a good amount of books which I was missing out on since I joined college. This was definitely something I was craving for. I still have a dozen books that I need to read before I set off on a new journey which will start in May when college gets over.

We all should realize the importance of people in our lives. Being in an new city without any support from my parents was an experience in itself. Getting the opportunity to reconnect with old relations and making new relations is just amazing. I met two people who actually helped me shape my outlook towards many things in life. I learnt about what I was missing out on while I stayed in the college enclosure.

So, that was pretty much my life in 2013. At the moment I am working with Instamojo and helping them build front-end.

I am sure the future holds a lot of excitement.