I have been experimenting yet again and I am writing this post for people who might be interested in knowing how I work.

That’s how my workspace looks. I work with four workspaces, on one I run my music player, the other one runs my browser, the third has my editor and the last one has the terminal running. All this segregation has resulted due to the use of dotfiles. Yes, dotfiles.

I use Sublime Text 2 as my text editor and it is absolutely brilliant. Also, I recently ditched the use of Frontier as my theme and switched to Bluedawn.

The rest of it is fairly simple. My bash has been replaced by zsh, which in-turn uses oh-my-zsh. My theme for zsh is gallois, it’s pretty sweet- less clutter, gives me more space to work and works well with plugins.

That’s pretty much it. I depend on the three tools mentioned above and then I have Clementine which plays music all day long.