After my experience at WordCamp Pune 2013, I came across a lot of things that I had never seen. Let me describe my experience at WordCamp Pune over the two days and I am sure you will get a picture of what I am talking about.

Let me start with a little background on my experience at WordCamps. The first time I ever spoke at an event was at WordCamp Jabalpur 2011. Due to some reasons I couldn’t attend the other WordCamps that happened in 2012 and I don’t like the fact that I missed out on WordCamp Baroda 2013. But, what I felt about this experience in Pune opened my eyes towards the Indian developer communities. And all of this happened because of the people I met there. Most of them were developers but there were also users who were trying to bring a difference to the community.

I met some impressive developers like Saurabh Shukla from rtCamp. I even met my old friends Rahul and Gaurav, who have organized WordCamps earlier. The fact that makes a difference over here is that these guys actually took out the time to contribute to the event.

It’s very common in events nowadays where people try to promote themselves and their company more than what the event is actually trying to encourage. But, WC Pune actually made a difference when we talk about such activities happening. What I wish to point out here is that the audience actually appreciated the talks which were going well and slandered the ones which were just gimmicky (there weren’t many talks full of gimmicks).

There was nothing regular about WC Pune. The user track and the developer track actually merged on the second day when the discussions started off and the developers were sorting out queries. People participated in each and every way and set a standard for all other WordCamps to come.