Yet again we make decisions that we will never regret
Still we strive to achieve perfection

What all changed in the past week

If you have noticed I have shifted from WordPress to Jekyll. The simple reason why I did this is the amount of freedom I get. All I need to do is run a rake command and I have my post ready. Another rake command makes a page and then templates are too easy to manage and edit. Pushing changes is exactly the way any git lover likes them. These are just a couple of features of Jekyll and my website is being hosted by Github now (and that’s quite wonderful, though my old hosting space is going real waste).

Also, I have stopped using Netbeans and shifted to Sublime Text 2. ST2 is a brilliant text editor — ultra-light and super easy to work with. And the best part are the themes coded by Dayle Rees.

Along with all of this, I have set a couple of targets for myself for the 15 days I am getting in the semester break. I plan to religiously write a post everyday and work on a Ruby based open source project.

And I am definitely going to send an article through to A List Apart.

So what is so good about my new site

  1. Readability
  2. Speed
  3. Design
  4. Importance to type
  5. It’s hand-coded

P.S. Corkscrew is damn cool! Trust me.