2012 has been an exciting year for me. I worked on a number of great projects and learned twice more than what I did in the previous year.

The year in Open Source

The year has been quite eventful in terms of the projects I open-sourced.

I was able to make a pull request to CodeIgniter finally. It took me a year to finally be able to contribute to open source projects.

Other than this, I open-source the code for eDorado. It’s a small web application I wrote for an event which is a part of my college’s technical festival.

There were a number of other developments that I made in my old projects. You can take a look at the repositories on Github.

Other Developments

I moved on to Jekyll from WordPress which has been a great experience in itself. Because of this tiny change, I have a stronger understanding of OOCSS as I used inuit.css. Thank you Harry for inuit.css.

The Mutiny: I am now working with Web Mutiny as a technical lead. A personal thanks to King Sidharth for getting me on the team.

Mark My Word: I must say that this has been the most fulfilling part of the year. I will able to take a short break after 2nd February 2013.

P.S I will be concentrating more towards poetry, working out, and more open source contribution to some of the great projects I have been working with.