I applied for the Codeacademy fellowship a couple of days back.


And then I even went ahead and applied for Hacker School. I wanted to do that ever since I first read about it. But I got rejected in a very funny manner.


The only reason I applied for Hacker School was to get a little insight about myself but I got a very very incomprehensible response from their end.


They say this (I haven’t included the entire message) –

While we don’t think Hacker School is a fit now, we thought you could be a promising candidate. Your application does not demonstrate your actual, intellectual curiosity or mental clarity. We encourage you to apply again to a future batch.

Now, I am completely clueless about how to demonstrate my actual , intellectual curiosity or mental clarity.

Then I thought more about it (and I continue to think about it) and finally decided that I need to be more versatile. As of now I know C++ and PHP along with HTML, CSS and other front-end stuff, but I need to head towards some awesome hacker-like languages.

So, right now I am learning CoffeeScript (since it lets me work on the web really well) and then I am trying my hand at Haskell. If Haskell suits me, then I will try learning more of it and if it doesn’t then I shall try out Lisp.