After roughly three months of unexplainable inactivity and extreme learning experience, I feel that I can start working on core modules of many applications.

Learning over the past few months

The only way I can support the above is by stating a couple of things that I have learnt in the past few months. Here are some tips that you should focus on -

  1. Choose the best tool
  2. Use the capabilities of your framework
  3. Learn the language better you know best
  4. Rewrite old code and become better

Crazy current situation

At present I have two options. One takes me back to an old project that I dumped because of lack of functionality in the framework. And the other option is to go for the same old project but instead of a the old framework, I can choose to go for a better one.

The first option will involve lots of code rewriting that I am thoroughly enjoying. But the other one will make my work simpler and will not let me face massive challenges.

But I think that I will ditch both and go for a complete new idea to work on. And that is contributing to both the frameworks. As of now I know what I can do better and it seems like going for new ideas and working on the core will help me learn better. And along with all of that I will keep fiddling and dabbling with new stuff.

All of this seems so exciting and I am most probably going to stay this way for the next few months.

Things on my list

  • Shift to linux once again and run AOE III from the Virtual Box. (Because it seems so cool)
  • Learn to work with micro-frameworks - specifically Toro because it’s so cool too!
  • Write something for A List Apart
  • Work my way to another redesign that will not be so focused on development but be a mix of my personality and code
  • Do my best in organising Mark My Word

A shift from applications to the core should be good for me.