Today I feel that I have reached my limit. And I am feeling great about it.

Yes! Most people might be surprised that I am happy about the fact that I am tired and weary at the moment but it surely is a good thing.

In the past few weeks I have been busy with some tremendous amount of work. Let me highlight some of my activities.

Mark My Word

Mark My Word is a conference that I am doing next year and most of my vacation went into research and contacting speakers. It was a mighty task but at the same time it was an interesting experience. The team for the conference worked on researching and contacting speakers.

And it the latter part we worked on the design for the website, brochures and our beautiful logo made by my good friend Saurabh Soni.

[![Mark My Word Logo][3]][3] Mark My Word Logo

BITS Inventory App

The second part of my routine was working on a [college project][3]. Now, this project has a lot of background story.

I had been working on it for over two months because I wasn’t provided with the option of rewriting the whole application. So, the whole time I kept working on fixing bugs and making small-small changes.

Then came the best part. I was given the option to rewrite the entire application during the vacations.

The work on the application was really incredible because I tried out a new PHP framework which is my favorite now. It’s called Laravel. And because of the project I was able to understand so much more about application architecture design.

Other Side Projects

I even had the opportunity to work on some smaller projects for friends. One of them was the [Celestia][4] website.

Other than this project I did get some small projects too which were focused on WordPress feature development and not exactly the design.

The following weeks

In the next week I need to wind up one project on which I am working with my father. Then another website is pending and I also need to contact speakers and speak to a couple of sponsors for the conference.

I like being on the edge.

[]: [3]: “BITS Inventory App” [4]: “Celestia Club”