Yesterday was a nightmare for me! I spent more than two hours trying to root my Motorola Defy Plus.

The sole reason for my sudden decision to root my phone were two of my friends. Both of them have Motorola Defy and yesterday they installed CM9. And now they have the awesome ICS. At the start I didn’t want it but then the interface was so smooth and it was more than any reason to actually shift.

At 11:00 in the night, I made up my mind that I will make to move. So, I told my friend to go ahead and root my phone. By then I had started downloading CM9 for Defy Plus. But I didn’t know that not only the download will go to waste but I will end up wasting a lot of time.

We tried to root the phone using SuperOneClick but failed. Then came the turn for the almighty Doomlord’s rooting kit. But that resulted in a FAIL too.

Like a geek, I went ahead and took on the mighty task to figure it out. And for the next two hours I kept on trying multiple methods but most of the time I ignore one really really important fact. I didn’t read the forums properly. Now, you can guess what happened.

I missed out a very important piece of information regarding the rooting operation. Most of the methods mentioned on the forums clearly said that the kit will work only for version 2.3.4. And the ones which worked with 2.3.6 supported a different version.

The lesson learnt is to read everything properly and tl;dr doesn’t always work.