For the last few days, I have been working on multiple projects and trying to open my mind to more and more ideas.

As of now, one of my hands is deep in this project I am doing for my college, I will be releasing the code once it is implemented. And the other project is GradeApp.


This is a little project I decided to work on to better my skills. I will explain about it in the following sections.

What exactly is it?

A single-page application for calculating your CGPA.

What’s so cool about it?

For the user, it would be just a good interface and lightning fast speed.

For the developers, I am using Slim (a PHP micro framework) and store.js.

Why am I working on it?

The reason for working on this tiny application is to understand PHP micro frameworks as I have worked with many frameworks but never glanced at the micro ones. And I thought it was time to look for alternate storage types. And localStorage placed as the perfect candidate for this project.

I work on GradeApp in my free time so the progress is a little slow as I have two projects than need to be completed. Hope it comes out well.