Having worked with Codeigniter for over a year, I was finally settling down. It felt so great when I coded on Codeigniter, I could write simple PHP anywhere and never thought much about the whole concept.

I never saw my code from an artistic distance.

Status Quo

In the last three months, I was able to work on a small-scale development kit (call it a CMS), which let me customize my application easily for building a medium-sized application. I was able to set admin settings for maintaining various variables, manage users and send off emails & notifications to users.

All I need to do is merge the codes from my other applications into igniteplate. The next stage of development was to implement oAuth support for various social networking sites.

I am not sure about the feeling I have about this, but I am not going to continue working on igniteplate. I will finish merging the pending codes and then end development. The reason is that there already exists a framework that allows me to work in a better and more organised manner.

What went wrong?

A couple of days, I stumbled upon Laravel as I have mentioned in my previous post. Right now, I am working on a college project and because of Laravel, I realized what all was wrong in my logic.

In the last one week, I have learnt

  • How to design my database more effectively
  • Object-Relational Mapping
  • Writing tasks
  • Using a CLI
  • And to write a cleaner and more documented code


Never be satisfied.

This will be my motto and should be every other person’s who get too close to their beloved idea.

If you liked my post, then it would be great if you upvote it on HN.The reason for the motto:

  1. Satisfaction leads to lower productivity.
  2. There will always be something cooler and more amazing than what you love.
  3. Moving to a new technology lets you learn and improve your methods.