Social media marketing was a big hype a couple of years ago and now it is dying. Or I should say it’s dead. The fashion is gone and now’s time of bringing out what your product really is.

The problem

Social sharing won’t work now because we have options now. As a consumer, I have many options now. I am specific about what I want and there is not bullshit that figures on my list.

Case: Facebook

I will give a simple example of what I do. At the moment, my Facebook feed is divided into multiple lists and mostly it’s just brands & the pages I have liked there. I have unsubscribed many people, because I do not want to see 9GAG on my feed the whole day.

If you think that you can market your product and get a following just my a simple Facebook page, then you’re wrong. I guess you haven’t been on the lookout for what all features the consumers have. I can unsubscribe you and most of your marketing team the moment I see boring updates from you.

**And the best part. **If you think that when your team shares your statuses, links and picture; They are not reaching many people. Most of your shares are left out in your small circle of people.

Case: Twitter

If you think that a simple hashtag on Twitter will get you all popular, then I won’t be on the lookout for your tweets anymore.

A hashtag is not enough to build a following. You need to interact with your users, you need to get down to real business. Not just petty tweets with your hashtag.

Case: Internet Memes

This is the current generation which is running wild. We have rage comics and internet memes coming out ever single minute. People post new stuff on 9GAG & similar sites and the rest of the world spends their whole day sharing them on Facebook.

I clearly remember the Facebook generations.

  1. First Generation: Posting on walls. This is what Facebook was meant to be.
  2. Second Generation: Farmville. People went mad after this gaming and we would get request everyday to be their neighbors.
  3. Third Generation: The Meme.

Right now, we are part of  The Meme, which surely has sucked the life out of me. I get tired of seeing them the whole day and just like me, many people ignore them. So, marketing via memes might not do well.

How to fix this problem

  1. Be Relevant and Timely: Share relevant information. Don’t go around sharing your home page every day.
  2. Breaking out your hashtag to the world isn’t everything: There are other approached you can adopt. Tweet your followers and be on the lookout of what the consumers want.
  3. Interact and Participate: Sharing isn’t everything. You need to talk to your followers and get some discussions going around.

If you liked my post, then it would be great if you upvote it on HN.Look around and do what you have to do. Be aware of what you’re doing and how it will impact your brand.