The summer break

The break has begun and I have plenty of work to handle.

The details are going to be out soon enough.

Mark My Word, a new conference is going to come up soon. Very soon.

Apart from this, I have a college project to take care of and along with it a lot of work is still left for igniteplate.

This is sure going to be a new experience for me.I am soon going to start work on a project at the

National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee in the Remote Sensing and GIS Division.

The minor redesign

I did a minor redesign of my blog recently and got some things to the focus. The colors are more subtle now and I have some more ideas to add to this theme. I am planning to write a simple to code to get my top albums and create a better portfolio.

Need to learn a bit of A/B testing, to better my UX skills.