It has been a while that I have been working on igniteplate and I haven’t been able to put much time to it. Two days back, I happened to read this. And then I thought of giving Laravel a try.

After being a dedicated Codeigniter developer for so long and even started work on a major project of my own, Laravel was something that took me away.

Analysis: Codeigniter

The pros and cons of Codeigniter.


  1. A great framework. Very flexible and you can just write your regular PHP.
  2. No headaches. Simple configuration.
  3. Templating is easy.
  4. Output caching. Increases speed of your pages.
  5. Brilliant documentation.


  1. No auth class to work with.
  2. Routing is very linear.
  3. No asset manager.
  4. Form helper is a little cumbersome.
  5. Library and 3rd party apps are difficult to find.

Analysis: Laravel

Now let’s see how Laravel is better.


  1. Auth class is really great. Uses bcrypt by default.
  2. Routing and controllers are really streamlined.
  3. Event queuing is possible.
  4. Simpler and more versatile form validation.
  5. It comes with blade templating engine.
  6. Brilliant documentation.
  7. Bundle installation and easy upgrades.


No problems faced so far.

It’s been only some days that I have been working on it and it’s very different from Codeigniter. It will take me sometime to get the hang of it. I am liking this framework a lot.


After I have started working with Laravel, I realized that a product like igniteplate is something that can be made with Laravel in a much lesser time. The only reason I wish to continue working on igniteplate is that it hasn’t been done on Codeigniter. And I am sure some developers like myself will benefit for me. Also, there is sure a little attachment to this project because it’s mine.