A true story

The games are Kings of Chaos and Vile City.Let me tell you a story. In the time of today, there is a guy. He loves to code and read articles all day long. His day starts with checking his mail and opening

Hacker News. After that he moves on to play two of his favorite text-based MMORPGs. With all of this done, he is finally left with plenty of time to work on his projects and have fun. For the last one year, this has been is regime but now he wishes to change theses things.

The short tale is about me. Yes, that is my routine and I wish to make some changes to it. It’s been a long time since I have been doing this and I guess I need more time for myself. Yes, it is true that I love to work but sometimes you get this realization that you need to put in more time into your self-development. Because of the things listed out above, I have lost my touch. I don’t read novels anymore or write any poetry or even pass time talking to my old friends. It’s not like that I miss doing these things a lot but I get this urge to change my working, daily.

The problems I face

There are a couple of problems that I face in my day. Once in a while, I get this damn weird feeling (the same kind of feeling you get before you wake from a nightmare) that I need to complete my projects. And sometimes I get these random urges that I am forgetting something, even though I am not. These two problems are good enough to bug me continuously.

Plan for the year

This year, I had planned out a time-table for myself. I thought that I would get up early in the morning, repeat my morning routine of reading articles and work on some project for a while. Then let the day be the way it is. And at the end of the day, do a little work again. On Sundays, I thought that I won’t work on any project and not even touch my code editor. Instead, I’ll put my time into thinking of new ideas to work on and how I can do something different from the rest.


Join the discussion on Hacker News.This was my plan and somehow I haven’t been able to work on it so far.

I am going to change it now and get back to the plan. I am pretty sure that it will be difficult to do, but worth giving a shot.

What if it might prove to be good?