Today I finished writing my first WordPress plugin. It’s damn simple and was really easy to build.

I call it Format Code.

What it does is that it converts all text enclosed by ` (grave accent)


<span class="code">text</span>

Version 1.0

I first thought of making it with a fixed styling and that was my first version. Without any possible changes to it! So basically a plugin with no options.

Version 1.1

The one includes 2 themes – Light & Dark along with padding changes. So you can have a defined length of the code block you create.

Version 1.2

I included a live preview in the plugin options page. So, you can actually see the changes you are making.

Future Changes

Currently I am thinking of more ways in which I can improve and enhance my plugin, so that it becomes more usable by people.

Note: I will soon be uploading the plugin on my github and also on the WordPress plugin directory.