I have lots of issues and I know it. I just can’t stick to one thing for a long time and it has again happened with me. It’s not exactly a really big problem but I never feel content with what I have, so I have finally begun work on a new theme for my blog.

It’s always a good feeling when you work on something you truly like to put time in. My current blog is decent but in terms of overall planning, it ain’t that good as I made it in a couple of hours and never bothered to work on it again.

One of my funny habits is that I don’t put time on things that I have already made and don’t maintain them the way others do. (I do fix them if they become too obsolete, but only if they would be useful in the present)

My current plan of action for theme –

  1. I will be dedicating one day to one page and will be making each page personally.
  2. A custom archive page.
  3. More theme options for myself so that I can edit some other info on my page through my interface rather than editing the code.
  4. CSS3 animations here and there.
  5. Shortcodes for some new things I will introduce in my posts.

And the theme will be built on Bones like before .

This is what I’ve thought so far but I am sure that more ideas will click me as I work my way through. I do not have a clear idea about the design so far but I am sure that I will do it as I continue. The way I do things is that I “Design by Coding”.