It is all really very stupid but recently I have been remembering my old days on the web. There were so many sites I used to visit that time and play some text based MMORPGs.

I have been playing Kings of Chaos for the last 5 years now. Never made any amazing breakthrough but ended up within the top 1000 always. I have been a dedicated member of LaCN (game based alliance) and have participated in a number of wars.

There were 2 more games that I used to play then. One was Biocide City and the other being Vile City. I couldn’t make myself like Biocide City much but Vile City got me hooked. I placed Vile City for a couple of months but left (as I had exams that time).

2 days back, I started playing Vile City again. And I am doing well in it now.

Text based MMORPGs are really great.

Apart from all of this, GSoC 2012 is approaching and I need to try my hand at it. There aren’t many organizations that I can apply for but I will definitely give it a try. My target is to build something for WordPress as I have been working with it for a long time.

Have to start writing a plugin and learn how to meddle with the system.