The most eventful year is coming to an end and I don’t have many words to describe it perfectly.

The Beginning

I was introduced to web development this very year and I am really happy about whatever I have done so far. I am still not sure, if it is development or designing that I do, so I call it web building.

The year started off with me using Joomla for sometime and then I met a senior of mine when I got back to college after vacations. He got me my first project and I was supposed to make a simple website for a restaurant. My work started off the very same day. I saw a PSD to HTML conversion tutorial by CSS-Tricks and within 2 days I could do the job. Please don’t say that I am not modest, but I did learn it pretty fast.

The Love for WordPress

After that day I have been working ever since. For sometime I was hell-bent on using Joomla and to date I wonder why I never liked WordPress in the beginning. But my love for it grew slowly and slowly and soon I was trying to make themes on it and was following the geeky world on Hacker News. Smashing Magazine was the thing I went through daily and CSS Wizardry was my target. I still refer to Soh Tanaka’s blog for some cool tricks (I miss his posts now).

The Internship

Another semester passed in college and I planned to do an internship. I finally got one after a long search and it was in a company called as Logicsoft International. I even bought this domain during that time. So, this company works with ASP. NET and work on government projects. It was a great learning experience over there and in my free time I used to work on a small project of mine (that reminds me that I still have to release it).

The Honor

Two months passed and I was back in college. Around this time, I had been talking to Gaurav on twitter and we both had been talking about hosting a WordCamp. We filled the application at the same time, soon we both got replies. Mine got rejected but it wasn’t a sad thing, because his got approved. I had no idea that soon he would give me a call that I could be a speaker at WordCamp Jabalpur. In a month, after making a sudden plan to go to Jabalpur (a week before my exams), I was meeting the most amazing people I have ever met and spoke on Theme Development and Customization. I made some great friends who help me through a lot of things. It is still hard to believe that a guy like me, without much experience got the opportunity to speak at such a place of honor.

BarCamp was on my schedule soon and I spoke on The Power of CSS over there and surprised some people. To add to this, Mohit sir came all the way from Delhi for the BarCamp to meet Prajyot and me.

To the New Year

There is a lot more than just what I have written. I still have two more articles to write for this month before I leave for college.

One of my articles is going to be a redesign of a popular web app with HTML5 and the other will be on igniteplate.

A new year with lots more to do! All I can say is that *it’s gonna be fun.