E-Dorado is going to start soon and I might not have mentioned this before but I have been working on the platform for it lately!

It’s one neat online event purely dependent on searching and looking for hints to relate some  images. The objective is to stay at the top while the administrators pour questions over questions on you and you can’t sleep.

The History

I do not know much about the history of E-Dorado as such apart from El Dorado the fabled gold city and my senior who hosted the event when I was in my first year. It was a nice experience to play the game and compete against the rest. But this year I decided to step it up and take it to a new level.

I started with the coding and the platform was ready for a three-day event in my college’s inter hostel fest Zephyr. It took me roughly three hours to do the job and it was a good time to make it.

What I Made

Following the old tradition of having an interesting opening page, I created this.

image missing

And this was it! The opening page and the players had to figure out a way to get through. The only thing I forgot that the link was in the source (my bad).

The way to solve this was that you had to move ahead and re-size the page. And a simple media query was initiated to display the button. Some people got this, but most didn’t.

Moving onto the interface, I created a very simple UI using Bootstrap, from Twitter and a little styling myself (a three hour job it was in the end).

The New Version

After putting in a little time on the new version, I have included an administration interface for myself and my other team members. And for the users, we have some analytics, a new banner and some minor changes in the UI like a 960 grid unlike the 1140 earlier.

I assure you that you’re going to love it a lot! Wait for it.