It might be a little stupid of me as I haven’t searched on what I am currently writing about.

The idea I am talking of might be utopian but this is something a lot of people including me ask for.

I have no idea if this is the One Web people talk of but according to me, One Web is something where everything is together. By this I mean that there will be no third-party applications and no APIs. What I ask for is all the organizations to work together and give me something where I’ll be able to access our twitter from one place, and check our mail alongside. Moving on, I would be able to search for anything, and maybe just drag some part of it and save it in a notebook (like Evernote). While I write my blog post, I will be able to get live searches on what I’m writing and maybe even get other info. Imagine hundreds of coders editing repos on github, LIVE CODING.

Wouldn’t it be great if all of this was together. Our work would become easier and the world would be a HUGE open source society. Ideas free flowing and interacting.

It’s just a concept and if anyone does build this now, it would be another startup which would do it with APIs. But a thing of this sort is surely going to be impossible without using APIs and whoever will actually takes the lead to build it will surely make it a commercial app (which would be against my utopian vision).

The whole idea is very vague and hazy. If I really do get excited about it in the future I will surely take out sometime and document it. But as of now, my plate is full.

For the lovers of Open Source, don’t you dream of such a world, where we all build together.