I don’t remember exactly when and how all this started off, but I am sure it was 6 years back.

I was in class 9th that time, when my dad gave me a book on C++ by Robert Lafore. That time I hardly understood anything and just went through a couple of things. Learnt the usual Hello World! program and it was quite fun. Soon, I was making small programs for fun. It was a great experience.

By the time I got to class 11th, it became one of my subjects and it was one of the things I really really loved A LOT. My first project was a small game I made using C++. It was really simple, I might put the code up if I find it :P

The amazing thing I did that time was that in my game I was supposed to move a red ball like object using arrow keys and my dad gave me an idea for that. He asked me, “How would I move something on a black background?”. To make this happen, what we did was that we created a red solid circle and to move it, we would make a black solid circle over it and then make a new red solid circle at the new place.

I never worked with graphics.h after that and I have NO IDEA about the developments that have been made but this was my first project and I am still very proud of what I made then. By the end of my next year I had completed quite some topics which were beyond the scope of my school syllabus. The extra thing I did was virtual base classes and this was the most amazing thing that I had used in my 12th class project.

This time my dad gave the idea to make an Inventory Management System for the school, but it was too big to build, so we limited it to just a Furniture Management System. I made it to some extent and then I got stuck at one point where my dad helped me with it. I still haven’t left the habit of leaving out things in the middle but it has reduced to a great extent.

BTW, I am listening to Animals As Leaders now and one thing I can say for sure is that this is THE BEST progressive music I have ever heard.

Moving on to college, I had no idea on what I should have been doing in my first year. But when I went back home for vacations, my dad got me back on the lines of coding. I was introduced to Joomla! and it was amazing. I started off with a small project which was a major failure even without fully working on it. I won’t call it a failure as it led to something big. After coming back from vacations, I got to know about a guy who was hiring some people for Web Dev work. And I got interested. Soon, I was working with him and I am glad that I worked with him. Learnt so much and because of what happened nearly 10 months back is this. (Yes, I am new to the web).

Thank you everyone dad, who inspired me to work.

On a brief note –

Many people have told me to try new things but I am not able to leave HTML, CSS and Codeigniter. People tried to teach me Cake and  Yii, but I tell you, they were nothing in front of Codeigniter. I tried out working in Android but the websites called out to me.