For quite sometime, I had planned to write this post.

I am little clueless about who I am actually talking about. I am talking about Web Builders. Yes, I am going to call all of us builders and by doing this I put a condition that you know 5 things for sure.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascripting
  • Database Management Tool
  • Server Side Scripting

All this might sound very traditional and rigid, but this is how things work with me.

There are some people who I meet everyday and they call themselves Web Designers. And now let me tell you what they know. They have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. They say that they know CSS3 and they  don’t use transitions. They have heard of grids but are unaware of what they are. What do I do when such sort of things happen?

I am not saying that it’s bad to get into building the web, but when you do not put in your time into reading and learning some crucial things for our industry, how are you going to give even if you want to.

Okay, even if you can’t learn all this, at least write a clean code. So that the person who is going to make some changes to your code would understand what you’ve done.

If you are one of those who claim that you have knowledge of HTML and CSS, please read more about these topics. Because, nowadays, whoever I meet says that he is a Web Developer (which I am unsure of!)

This would be all, just wanted to type all this once.

Read this amazing post once – Bubble Boys (One of the most inspiring things I have ever read)