Today, while going through Hacker News. Well, I read it regularly (like checking it every half an hour), and I read this post.

It turned out to be the most inspiring thing I have ever read. I do not know how to be like Feross but I will try my best to be something close to him.

This semester in college, I made a plan to sit idle and innovate. Think the the whole day and come up with something that the WEB needs. As of now many people who I follow regularly are doing their best to make the web a better place. New open source applications keep coming up and people like me use them.

I love to experiment these experiments and try to use the ones I find for for my work, but soon I wish to create such things of my own. I have to, it’s a dream of mine.

The kind of job I would want is to develop, innovate and speak. Doesn’t it sound good? :)

Also, by the end of this year, I am seriously going to write something in A List Apart.

And by the end of October, a rewamp of my website with a clean CSS Wizardry like theme.