Inspiring someone is awesome but it’s the other way round for me.

I love to be inspired more than I love to inspire others. It’s just too exciting to read and learn from what other’s are doing. I read posts from many web developers and I keep on making me better. Trying to grasp all I can is too exciting and a beautiful experience.

I have been working on a project on CodeIgniter and I am using inuit.css in it. Earlier I was a little apprehensive against using a front end framework as I didn’t consider them useful, but now I understand the power. Things become too simple and clear.

The two most important things for all my projects from now on

  1. inuit.css
  2. baseline.css

Another small occurrence of a miracle was when I was working on a small project of mine (actually I still am, it’s not complete so far), I just used baseline and it was beauti-fied.

I love using new technologies and trying to experiment with them in my projects, to make things AWESOME.

Kudos to CodeIgniter and inuit.css, my project is coming up well.