Yesterday, I made an attempt to use PasswordHash and tried to directly convert it into a CI Library. Failing at that, I went ahead and downloaded SimpleLoginSecure.

Refer to my question on Stack Overflow, regarding why I have been talking about Password Hashing so much.

The library is pretty cool. Here is the link to it.

What I did?

  1. Put the downloaded file in application/libraries
  2. Made minor table name and field name changes
  3. DONE

It’s super easy and it comes with 4 functions.

  1. Create
  2. Login
  3. Logout
  4. Delete

This is all you need in a basic login and it’s all there. Just minor customizations required and *poof*, work done.

And the best part about this library is that it uses bcrypt to hash passwords. And that is why it is a beauty. It uses PHPass.

That is all, and I still haven’t got any reply to my question regarding Form Validation. Really need help with it.