It’s been a couple more than a week that I was introduced to ASP .NET and my current project has not only taken it’s shape but is nearly completed.

You would be wondering, “What is he working on?”. Well, what I am working on is just another Online Test System.

What it has?

  • User Management – 3 Categories: Admin, Teacher, Student
  • Questions Type Management
  • Subject (Add/Edit/Delete)
  • Class (Add/Edit/Delete)
  • Questions Management
  • Paper Generation by some queries
  • Test Generation by populating a paper

This is what it is.

I am through with Paper Generation. What I am left with is the Test Generation and once that is done, I’ll release it.

Working in ASP .NET helped me learn ASP as well as C#. Plus, the whole logic of how and why to design a database in a way is clear to me.

Will make a whole documentation and put it up as soon as it is done.

Estimated Time of Release: 9th July 2011