Today was my first encounter with ASP .NET

Was trying to understand “Why do we need something which Microsoft is offering us? “

Then I was made clear the USE, it’s pretty simple. If you develop something and then sell it to a company. They can reverse engineer your code or they can just sell if off to someone else or maybe just give it away. And *swoosh* … you work goes to waste.

With ASP, make your page, and then you can just compile it and use it later. And no one would be able to see what the original was. It’s pretty cool but still there is one thing which bugs me a lot.

“THE SYNTAX” is damn irritating, but have to bear with it to learn something new.

This is all because I am so used to using PHP. Still, will do it.

Will be working on completing my wordpress theme, I wish I would be able to put it up by tomorrow.